Saves time
Implementing ergoIA to current processes reduces video processing time from 3 to 0.5 hours.
Reduces costs
The reduction in the working time of the technicians and the savings in instrumentation translate into a significant reduction in the cost of the process.
Eliminate biases
The results of the ergoIA ergonomic analysis eliminate the subjectivity and bias that currently exist.

Makes it simple
· No suits
· No experience required
· No markers
· Capture from any device

ergoIA has received the INNOVATION ERGONOMICS AWARD 2021 from the Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie (IGR) in Germany for the application of artificial intelligence to ergonomic risk assessment. See the certificate here.

The ergoIA tool is fully integrable with the Ergo/IBV Risk Assessment and Design Recommendations software. Both technologies complement each other perfectly for a comprehensive ergonomic analysis. Both ergoIA and Ergo/IBV have been developed internally in line with our expertise in the field of ergonomics and occupational health.

Project developed with the support of:

ErgoIA Process

ergoIA provides innovative technology enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Computer Vision, to ergonomically evaluate the industrial process workplace. The system does not require specialised video capture hardware for further processing as it allows video to be recorded using mobile devices or regular cameras and does not include any additional (inertial) devices or markers to capture the process.
It is simple to incorporate, use and automatic, the software is in charge of doing the counting, analysing risk movements and generating a document with the analysis under OWAS, REBA and repetition standards.

1. Task
The process starts with the execution of the repetitive task to be analysed. A typical worker will perform the usual task to assess what are the ergonomic risks associated with
the physical effort performed.
2. Capture
The capture system is simple, from any device you can record the task performed by the worker, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or camera. The extracted video will be
imported into the ergoIA system.
3. AI Process
Processing begins with the import of the video to be analysed into the ergonomist’s ergoIA software. ergoIA processes the video and interprets all the worker’s movements and assigns ergonomic risks that the professional can see on the screen while the video is being

4. Results

The results of the analysis are provided once the video has been processed so that the ergonomist can interpret the results and take the necessary measures regarding risk prevention and the design of new workstations.

In addition, ergoIA can be fully integrated into ergonomic assessment software to complete the system’s functionality. In particular, it is recommended to use Ergo/IBV, IBV’s ergonomic assessment software, which provides the technical and automatic assessment of the workplace.

About us

At the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) we study the behavior of the human body and its relationship with the products, environments and services that people use.

We combine knowledge from biomechanics, ergonomics and emotional engineering which, through different areas of knowledge, we apply to multiple sectors in order to respond to their challenges and contribute to promoting business innovation.

ergoIA software refers to the lines of development in the field of ergonomics and occupational health at IBV. Companies are increasingly aware that only healthy people can be efficient at work.

At the Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) we help organisations to take innovative actions in occupational health aimed at improving the quality of life of their workers.

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